Financial Planning Service

Wealth Management Service

1. Consultation - Identify Objectives

2. Identify Attitude to Investment Risk

We use the Oxford Risk Assessment Questionnaire to gauge your attitude to investment risk. Risk approach is reviewed annually unless otherwise agreed. Risk can be adjusted to take into account a perceived market opportunity.

3. Agree Investment and Asset Allocation Strategy

A key part of the Suttons process is our investment analysis that is driven through the FE Analytics system. The FE system produces fund information and portfolio reporting that is bespoke and up to the minute, measuring investment risk and past performance. We offer differing levels of investment risk which is suitable for cautious inexperienced investors through to the more experienced and adventurous investor, with short, medium or long term timeframes taken into account.

Our Investment Committee meet regularly to review our preferred funds, portfolios and investment strategies, to ensure they continue to be suitable and changes are made as and when necessary.

4. Select appropriate tax wrapper

Tax Strategy

We carefully select the appropriate tax wrapper for your monies with considerations such as:

  • Have you used your ISA allowance?
  • Is Capital gains Tax an issue?
  • Is your estate potentially liable to Inheritance Tax?

5. Select investment portfolio

Fund Selection

Investments are outsourced to leading investment houses and consultancy firms including:

  • SEI
  • OBSR
  • Margetts

Each investment manager has a range of risk-rated portfolio that are designed to suit the most cautious to the most adventurous investor.

6. Review - Identify objectives

Portfolio Review

Reviews are conducted on either a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis, depending on our agreed service level.