Female Financial Planner?

Lisa our female financial adviser working in our Sale office Manchester

Bringing the Feminine Touch to Suttons Independent Financial Advisers

Would you prefer to talk to a female adviser about your finances?

A report that was published on the BBC News website claims many women are put off seeking financial advice due to financial services being seen as largely “a man's world”.

This is no longer the case at Suttons; Lisa Davies has recently joined the team as an Independent Financial Adviser. She really understands the responsibilities and demands which go into shaping a woman's financial decisions. She is a friendly, understanding financial expert. She will take the time to discuss everything with you in a way you are comfortable, she will listen to your concerns and financial goals, to find a solution that is an exact fit for you.

Lisa is passionate about financial planning, especially for females, and says: “Women often feel ignored, long gone are the days of the male being the main breadwinner in the household, we need to know and plan how to survive and thrive in life and start achieving our personal financial goals. We are different from men; we live longer, we give birth, we have career breaks, we worry and stress about not doing the best for our family and potentially losing money, and of course we earn less - yes, that wage gap has not yet ceased to exist!”

There is a massive gender gap in the retirement incomes of men and women, which means that women need to wise up now to avoid worsening the gap. We need to improve our chances of receiving a decent retirement income in the future.

The financial services industry has been poor in explaining the risk of investments in a way that resonates with women. A female adviser may be better at talking in your language, understanding your approach to risk and your relationship with money. If you have a better understanding of risk you are more likely able to make better informed decisions as to how you invest your money, which could consequently give you potentially increased returns.

Expert financial advice is particularly crucial at times of divorce and bereavement, especially from a woman who can provide additional support and understanding at times when it is needed most. Having worked closely with many women going through a difficult time; Lisa has met many women who have never dealt with their finances prior to their husband's death, or women in receipt of settlements and awarded Pension Sharing Orders following divorce.

Never be afraid to ask for financial advice if you are not sure what to do at any stage of life.

Contact Lisa at Suttons on 0161 9691703 or email: lisa@suttonsifa.co.uk